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Our Products

Are your body care and wellness products full of  

  • synthetic chemicals? Preservatives?

  • Artificial fragrances and colorants?

  • Herbicides? Pesticides?

  • Unpronounceable ingredients?




That's why I prepare my loose-leaf tea blends, tinctures, elixirs, spicy vinegar, and raw honey-based syrups with herbs I grow in my garden with organic methods—until supplies last. I love planting seeds, watching them sprout, butting heads with their personalities, harvesting, and handcrafting—it connects me to the land, fostering stewardship. So, if I don't grow it, I don't use it in my formulations! The only herbs I do not currently grow myself but source from like-minded farms are Hemp, Milk thistle, Oregon grape, and mushrooms. When my stash's up, it's time to prepare for the next season.


My body care essential oils are pure quality, not fragrances—sourced from suppliers who share the same commitment to quality and sustainability. Every oil has a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) report that identifies the exact chemical constituents to ensure correct plant genus, species, wellness properties, and product integrity. You know what you're getting!

Currently, all products can only be picked up at a few local Farmer's Markets (see the Contact page for details) or shipped to Texas-based addresses due to state Cottage Industry laws. At this time, we cannot ship out of state or Internationally.


Check out the "Learn" page for the skinny on all the plants and essential oils I use in my products!

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